Instruments receive a MIDI blast on Playback?

Could be a bug, also could just be one of the preference settings got messed up since I’ve been trying to match my perfect 6.5 setup. But anyway, when I have a track rec-enabled (let’s say a Superior Drums track), when I hit PLAY I get a big blast of random notes. Maybe Cubase is sending a device sync or something, or telling one of my hardware devices to do something weird? Having a little trouble tracking it down. Anyone getting this kind of behavior?

Check “Chase Events” settings. Somewhere in Preferences. (at least have in in previous Cubase versions)

Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately didn’t help. Only happens with playback AND that track is record-enabled. Seems like a new thing to me, will check more thoroughly into if it’s one of my MIDI devices, but seems pretty weird.