Instruments stop outputting signal to their channel - anyone had this?

Instruments stop outputting signal to their channel. See picture attached.

You can see the instrument is being triggered and shows a signal in it’s output meter (right) yet it’s corresponding channel track does not register (left).

This has also happened with different instruments and audio tracks over the years and often has forced me to abbondon projects as a result. Sometimes I can just re-boot the project and it is fixed but in the case cannot. Here I am using Nuendo 10 but the same issue has happened before in Cubase.

In the this case, I have opened the project and Average-Load is now peaking. I open the same project from 1 year ago and it now has the same issues.

This buggy issue seems to happen over night.

Anyone else ever had this issue and any ideas how to fix?

A send effect with zero volume out ?

@guca02 it’s an Instrument track ^^ see picture

Yes?? I see in the picture that you have send effects. If you have a send effect with zero out level on an instrument track you get the behavior you describe.

Oh you’re looking at the Group Channel titled ‘MASTER.’

See attached. This does not change the issue if it is 0 or 6 unfortunately.

No. In your first image with the “Highs” track selected, the Audio Sends icon in the inspector is highlighted, indicating that you have send effects on the Highs track. If any of those send effects have a zero output level you get this behavior.

Ah I see what you mean, but no none of the send effects are set to 0.

Bump - no one else had this issue??