Instruments track and "delete empty tracks" functon

Hi ,

Imagine you have an instrument track with 5 midi tracks linked to it ( with 5 patchs loaded)
Now imagine the first track of the instrument track ( the one with the main audio fader in the inspector )
is empty, but not the other.
Imagine you hit the “delete empty tracks” function…
Well, it deletes the instrument track, and your 4 remaining tracks that were linked to it ? Byebye, well they’re still there, but the instrument track is not anymore, so they don’t play any sounds :slight_smile:

I know it’s not really an issue, as the delete empty tracks function behaves like it should, but maybe change something so it doesnt delete the first midi channel of an instrument track, even if it’s empty…

NB : Maybe it’s been solved , i’m still on Cubase 7.5.0.