Instruments with Iconica Sketch are silent on the iPad


Using Dorico for iPad in a project that has a mix of instruments with Iconica Sketch versions and some others that are General MIDI only, I cannot get sound of the ones with Iconica. I think I’ve downloaded the sounds before, but I cannot find whether this is the case, nor where to redownload them.
I’m using an iPad Pro M1.
What am I doing wrong?

Check on the General page of Preferences whether Dorico for iPad thinks the Iconica Sketch sounds are installed correctly.

If it does, try choosing Reset Sounds from the application menu at the right-hand end of the toolbar, and re-apply the Iconica Sketch playback template.

Thanks Daniel.
In the preferences dialog it is stated that they are downloaded. I’ve reset the sounds (which I had already done, but failed to say it in my post) with no effect.

If you start a new project and add some instruments that should use Iconica Sketch sounds, e.g. a harp, do you get playback in there?

Unfortunately, no. No sound with the harp.
I’ve checked the volume in the iPad is on and up.

In that case I would suggest you remove Dorico for iPad from your device and reinstall. Be sure that you’ve backed up any projects that are saved in the app-specific storage (i.e. those that appear when you have On my iPad chosen in the Hub).

Done. It works. Thanks!