Integrate a new model into an old song ... posssible ?


I have created a good model that i have saved.
The sound is good & enough for me …
But before this, i have created many song without any model.
What i want is to have the same sound for all my compositions

Is it possible to integrate a new model into a song already created to get this new sound ?

An other thing : In my new model, i have created a multiple output for the drum (addictive drummer 2) & the sound seems to be better, but the Peak shaving (clipping) is almost red all the time … this come from the Snare & the bassdrum that i can’t ajust.
This is not the case without multiple output : strange : any idea ?
Believe me it’s important to me because today i have my first appointment with a musical Studio at Morin Heights !



you really need to learn some basic things about cubase first. There is no such wizard in this forum who can answer a question like this with the details you give. You will need to be able at least to tell us how you ended up with this model, i.e. which exact steps did you take in Cubase (and elsewhere) to achieve your model. To be able to tell us what you have done in cubase you will need to be familiar with the basic concepts of cubase.

You have already got a lot of useful pieces of advise - now you just need to start learning. This may seem like a huge task and you obviously would like to get results fast, but you are now trying to cut too many corners.


I expect, you created a Channel chains, you like. If yes, you can select every single track/Channel settings as a Track preset, and apply them later on to the old project tracks.

Is this, what you are looking for?

Yes, the clipping can works like this. If you use one stereo out of the Addictive Drummer, you are mixing the signal in the plug-in. Could be, the signal is peaking, when you mix it. But every single Addictive Drummer Channel doesn’t peak.

I posted this in your other thread as well::
I think what you want is a project template. Open your “model” project and select File/Save as Template. You can assign it a project category. When you create a new project, select the project category you saved it to from the project assistant and your template will be at the top of the list. This is a good article on how to use them: … e-1010.htm

I wouldn’t say so. The request is to apply the model to the already existing projects. But you cannot apply the template to the existing projects.