Integrate Beat Designer into the Lower Zone

It seems obvious.



Add the optional feature-request tag to your post, please.

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Okay, it’s added.

Interesting. I think this is good addition to what it already amazing.

This would be a nice feature, particularly if it linked to looped/shared copy style events on the timeline.

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The lower zone is here to allow editors opening, with the arrange view still visible and actually, the Beat Designer is a MIDI plug-in : so, if we follow the OP reasoning, we should then have all the MIDI plug-ins available in the lower zone, beside the editors (and why not the VSTis ones, as we’re at it ?).

So, I’m rather skeptical about this : a plug-in should have just its own window, IMO, precisely to avoid any confusion between it and the available editors at disposal.

Actually, I would much more like to see the List Editor to be in it, rather than the Beat Designer : I made a feature request about it, a long time ago, but it hasn’t got much traction, I admit… :disappointed:

My reasoning is actually that the Beat Designer is an editor for MIDI notes in a loop. It allows you to specify notes on a timeline that are looped. Studio One pulls this feature off well with lower zone integration.

OK… I have never used Studio One, I mut say.
Seems great on a picture, but for any loop work on rythmic patterns, Cubase Drum Editor seems to do the job, from my experience. :thinking:

It doesn’t work the same. There seems to be a misconception.
The Beat Designer will loop it’s own internal series of MIDI events. That means nothing else in the timeline loops. That’s the difference.

You could have a recording of vocals singing verse and chorus in the timeline. Then the beat designer can repeat a specific MIDI loop and you can then dynamically alter and change the the MIDI notes in that loop while listening to the vocals through the entire project from beginning to end.

This allows you to skip the step of creating an arbitrary repetition of linked event copies. I will admit that there isn’t a big difference between those two approaches yet: creating linked copies OR editing something in the Beat Designer. They could add more features to Beat Designer (Studio One’s implementation is very nice). Either way, I just think it makes more sense in the lower zone since it is a MIDI sequencer.