Integrate Bezier Curves into Key Editor

Was extremely excited to finally see Bezier Curves, only to be disappointed that they aren’t included in the Key Editor. :frowning:
Hopefully we will see this in the future. :slight_smile:

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Steinberg, plese! The tech is there, why not implement it to key editor as well. I want beziers to my Pitch Bends!

I really thought that Key editor would now have curves and updated because of that, super disappointed to see it’s still point based.

Otherwise it seems like a great update… but can’t feel but down as my most expected feature was still not there.

Likewise. I’m very grateful to see this added as an automation capability, but quite disappointed it’s not directly available for MIDI controller patterns.

Yeah this needs to happen.

Fully agree, it will be very nice addition.


This was the main reason I bought the update. Now I am a little bit sad… Could save me so much time.

+1 For the Bezier curves in the Key Editor! Steiny, if you’re doing something, do it to the end please.



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So excited that we finally got the bezier curves, but i suspected it was a poor implementation from the marketing videos.

So 1 upvote to have them also integrated in the Key Editor. Also snapping to grid, horizontally and vertically.



Totally agree. I was at the preview event and the first thing I asked Greg was about this… It would be phenomenal if this was a small fix pushed out before version 10. It’s killin my workflow.


Regards :sunglasses:

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Please please, also snapping horizontally and vertically


+1 For me to
I have switch to Nuendo so haven’t test the 9.5, but in video demonstration, i saw that they are using the “Range Selection” Tool with the automation.
I hope that would also means that if Bezier Curves are integrate in that Key Editor it maybe would also bring the “Range Selection” Tool to the Key Editor.

I hope to see those 2 tools in the Key Editor.

+1 and also snapping vertically at 0 is a must…

+1 … amazed this was missed out