Integrated Search Feature

Hey All,

I have just ported over to Cubase from Ableton Live and one of the features I miss the most is the integrated search function. This would work by typing Cmd+f then typing the sound source or plugin you were looking for and having it pop up in the side bar. I am aware cubase has the media bay but its always a few more steps away from use that I think it needs to be. Integrating it to the hotkey would save so much time.

Also with the search function in live you can Cmd+F and type a plugin which is really helpful for trying out sound design or mix ideas…cmd+F - type plugin name - click it and it would be assigned to the currently selected track. Again in cubase currently its a few steps away to get the same result.

Finally with Live’s search function is the ability to have custom folders in the side bar which you can click to get access to your most commonly used sounds files, perfect for when you want to layer in quick elements. The media bay does sort of achieve this but with much more fluff and needless obstacles in the way. Just the option to see folders I want and be able to click them would be great.

Other than that, loving Cubase so far!

Daniel James

Hi Daniel,

nice to see that you switched over again. I’ve been always impressed by your workflow in Ableton and your resampling (miss your videos). When you open the plugin slot, you see all the plugins. Just type in the name or the company. No need to press cmd+f. When you want to find tracks in a big template, use the magnifier at the top of the track list.

Tim Heinrich

Yeah I know there are ways to achieve a search but the cmd+f in Ableton live means there is one step between idea and prototype.

lets say I want to try decapitator on a string line. In cubase I f3+click Insert+type name+click name
Ableton is CmdF+type name+click name its subtle but having to move over to another window then actually click the insert box adds a few seconds. Over a day (and the amount I try things) that can add up to a substantial amount of wasted time.


Hi Daniel,

you don’t have to use the mixer at F3. You can use the inspector at the project window. This would be click Insert+type name+click name

Best, Tim