integrating an ipad pro into a cubase 10 setup

Ive just got myself an iPad pro and id like to integrate it into my cubase 10 setup on Windows 10 so that I can play and record various synths from my iPad. Is this possible ? Does anyone have any advice as to how I can go about this ?

(effectively treating my iPad as another ‘virtual synth’)

It’s possible with a mobile midi interface and maybe a dual lighting adapter because the new iPad has no audio, headphone jack, watch this:

I would stay away from apps like Music io: it didn’t work for me I wasted my money.

Keep in mind. Most music apps have file transfer like Cubasis. To transfer projects from mobile apps to computer to DAW’s. You can use iTunes file sharing / transfer, for example garage band mobile app to iTunes to garage band daw export wave or AIFF and import into logic or cubase. Or Cubasis to iTunes to Cubase Pro.

I basically want to treat the synths on my ipad as extra instruments from within cubase. I dont necessarily have to be able to program them just access the sounds as any other virtual instrument, record them and play back. There are so many great synths for the ipad it would be great to be able to records with them into cubase

I just discovered this app midimttr: midimittr - MIDI connectivity on iOS and OSX

and the midi works with cubase. Now I have to work on the audio. I think I might need a dual lightning connector to get the audio to my interface.

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that only seems to work with a mac, I have a windows 10 pc

There’s a windows download link: MIDI LE - MIDI connectivity on iOS and OSX

I can now confirm it works with Cubase. Midi and audio are showing in Cubase. It’s all good :smiley:
Also mac users can connect midi and audio without any additional apps. Simply connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac and go to midi audio setup…

ok, that sounds great , I’ll give it a try

I just got myself an iConnectivity MIDI4+, and whilst I can generally recommend but there’s a couple of remarks to be made regarding this:

  • it’s connectivity is unmatched afaik ( DIN, USB, Ethernet, simultaneously )

  • you can use it to clock your iOS device from hardware sync generators, like E-RM Multiclock & SND ACME and similar

  • setting it up is a right pita. That has partly to do with its config software, which is counterintuitive but can be tamed. The biggest initial problem is that MIDI ports, as configured by you, obviously do not propagate throughout the signal path. You need to figure that out yourself. Doable but annoying.

Furthermore, in order to have the port names as configured on the interface show up in iOS, you must to reset all settings on the iOS device.
Important to note is that I DO NOT mean wiping the device, as suggested by iConnectivities’ support. You simply factory reset the settings ONLY. Not a big deal really.

I would at any cost avoid using its built-in audio functionality. You can use the MIDI4+ together with one of their audio interfaces like AUDIO4+ by daisy chaining them.

If anyone feels like going down that route, PM me if you’re having trouble configuring the sucker.

BTW, no, I don’t work for them. And I have no plans to do so really :slight_smile:

The version of iTunes is for older machines with low end graphics cards. I have a brand new pc with a top end graphics card, is this really necessary for it to work ?