Integrating VR with Dorico

I recently purchased a Meta Quest 3 VR headset and wondered if there is a way to integrate Dorico with VR? I think it would be a game-changer to have notation software be usable in a virtual environment.

Are we supposed to guess what VR stands for? I would say Virtual Reality but then I fail to see what any of this has anything to do with Dorico. Please elaborate.

Well, say for example if you were composing at an acoustic piano, a piece of software could detect the keyboard along with the movement of your hands and fingers. Then when you press a note on the acoustic piano, that would serve as note input in Dorico. Meta Quest 3 can already detect hands. And since the majority of piano keyboards look the same, I don’t think it would be too difficult to create a virtual instance of the keyboard.

Just a random thought that came to my head when thinking about the possibilities of VR for composing/arranging.

Dorico 6 uses it to create a mixed reality where your old piano teacher appears to correct your posture and laments your lack of practice. A virtual Elaine Gould slaps you hand in real time for poor notation choices. There is a forum option where you can force a certain page of the manual to appear in front of certain other forum users until they read it. That feature costs a premium each time you press the button but totally worth it. It’s free if you happen to be a middle school teacher and are using that feature professionally.

Sorry man, my brain ran away from me there for a minute - bad brain. I do like and celebrate your creative thinking. If I wanted something from a Dorico VR version? I have trouble visualizing it :smiling_imp:


VR notation always sounds like a funny idea to me. I keep imagining this interface with giant music symbols.

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Should I be getting some :popcorn:?

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Courtesy of Daniel.

But really, I get what you mean, but the whole logistics and practically seem just bizarre to achieve this. It’s a waste of money for little gain.

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