integration of Aftertouch - MIDI mapping/ MIDI learn

Integration of Aftertouch - MIDI mapping/ MIDI learn in Cubase

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In Cubase today, it is still quite complex to mapping a fader or knob on a MIDI controller, especially when it is a synthesizer that is itself used as a MIDI controller, it’ s several confusing steps to follow before you can get this done.

I have suggested this before in previous versions, however, I think it is time to suggest it again, MIDI mapping/ MIDI learn - Aftertouch

I’m sorry I have to post an Ableton video, but it’s the best way to show how simple, easy and fast it is to do this task in there and to show the concept “aftertouch”…

Before you complain: Remember that integrating a new feature does not mean that the others will be lost. :nerd:

It would be only meaningful to have easier and faster MIDI mappings, but I do find it extremely confusing that you call it Aftertouch as this already exist in MIDI lingo. It took me a tripple take to realize you were not also talking about actual aftertouch :slight_smile:

Im not sure that it is the missing link. The problem how this created mapping should be kept over time. For a artist playing instrument it is maybe good. And this is very much what QC are. And many instrument has the function built in and it works grate when musical and tweaking is in the same midi flow. But for mixing you have different problems. You often has same plugins in different combinations and you want them to be part of a pre-set for that plugin. And then you mix plugins controlled by the same surface. Should you not be able to reuse the knob? Or should they go to all plugins? It is not that easy to solve.

What would you suggest that must be the word for this?

MIDI Learn-on-Touch maybe.