Integration of Dorico spacing algorithms?


Thank you for integrating SMuFL into the Cubase Score Editor!

I realize that Dorico is written in a different framework, but I wonder if there might be some way to adapt its note spacing algorithm for inclusion in Cubase? As an example of the issues with the Cubase note spacing, in Cubase if I have a dotted eighth followed by a sixteenth rest, the horizontal distance between the note and the rest is the same as if it were an eighth note followed by an eighth rest. The sixteenth rest should be further to the right than it is, instead of at the same place as an eighth rest would be (to show how it is 3/4 of the way through the beat and not just halfway). Dorico shows this correctly and so it looks much more readable, but Cubase does not. Not that I would actually create scores for musicians from Cubase itself, but if the default spacing is better it makes it much easier for to check the orchestration when composing in Cubase.


May be there is help for you using the option: Score Settings – Layout - Equal spacing ?

No, this is not helpful. That spacing algorithm is exactly proportional, which fixes some issues but creates new ones.