Integration of music into a text document

I am trying to find a solution to the problem of writing a text document with significant amount of musical examples embedded, as well as some sections with a few pages of a score.

I have been using Dorico SE 3.5, and really like it for writing music. Any suggestions on how to link or embed snippets or flows into a larger text document?

(A related question: are there any examples of Dorico Pro 3.5 output used for musicological work that is written entirely within the application?)

I’m having trouble figuring out a good solution where I can write extensive notes and have editable music in the same doc – play back is not necessary though, but being able to correct without too much work is.

Sounds like you need Pro. Graphic slices are exactly the ticket.

That looks interesting. I will have to look into that further.

Just be aware that the slices will not dynamically update if you change something. You will have to regenerate them.

The only solution I can think of where you can edit your music examples within the word processing program would be Libre Writer with some Lilypond plug in.

Personally I don’t use graphic slices much. For my needs it is perfectly OK to use the screenshot tool built in to the OS, simply pasting it in (on Windows win+shift+s, then ctrl+v).

But the beauty of slices is that the exact graphic position is saved with the document, so that revisions to the music can be made and slices re-exported. Any decent DTP software should be able to update the revised images on its pages automatically.

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