intel I7 and motherboard

Hello everyone,
I thinking of getting rid of my AMD phenom ii x4 asus system and going down the intel road.i fancy the i7 and scan computers is 10 mins in the car from me so i will be mainly getting my parts from them.they do ready to go systems but these are pointless as i have half the parts already and very expensive!

hears my bits to keep

Fractal Design Define R3 Computer Case
stronger 600 watt psu
320 ssd and 1tb hdd
16gig ram
Thermalright Archon cooling system works with both intel or amd

my pc is as fast as i can get it to be and stable with tweeks and settings and not being on the internet with it helps no end…
but i have to keep changing my buffer sizes when tracking.i find it better ingeneral to do this outside the main project.i record at 48hz 32 foating point by the way.
for e.g i burn my drums and bass to a stereo track and import that to a new project to record my guitars then mix then down mono and take them back over to my mix project at 1024 and add compression and eqs ect…then burn a stereo of that take it to another project to do vocals and backings…
its getting a bit frustraighting so i was concidering trying an intel system…either an i5 or i7.

could any of you lot share your opinions on what motherboard would be best gigabyte or asus and share you systems with me,also clocking the intel cpu good or bad idea? will i see a diffrence with an intel cpu or not much…im realy stuck and need some help.alls i wana do is get the best from Cubase 6 64 bit and although my system is pretty good its still hold me back.