Intel QuickSync video acceleration!

Hi all,

Intel QuickSync is an extremely fast media accelerating co-processor contained in the Intel Core line since Sandy Bridge.
It’s independent of the graphics subsystem with zero impact on general computing speed.
I’d love to see Steinberg write their own video codec based on this (and possibly other hardware accelerators) for Cubase.
Actually, I think for Nuendo it would be even more appropriate.
And it would eliminate the dependency on Quicktime… and: Anything freeing up more processor cycles for the music can’t be a bad thing, right? :sunglasses:

Let me hear your thoughts,

Nobody? What about you QT-haters? :slight_smile:


Speaking of…
removing that dang annoying windows 10 upgrade icon speeds things up too
(No worries, you can still install the free win10 without that icon in your taskbar)

Win7 is a beautiful thing…lol

This is not really what this thread is about now, is it?


I’m here :wink:
Any suggestion to replace QT would have been welcome.
Now this is more that I would expect. It seems to be the Holy Grail.

Of course YES ! even if this involves having the needed hardware.

Not really, didnt wanna hijack it or so either… Just wanted to give you even more speed / free resources;) no matter how small;)


I will hush up now:)


Well, luckily the needed hardware in this case would be an Intel chip not older than 4-5 years… Most folks have all that DSP sitting there, doing absolutely nothing… :ugeek:

Let’s hope that we’re starting to use this stuff!