Intel-VST3 bug?

Using an M1X MacBook Pro: If I switch Dorico to using Rosetta, I can load Kontakt 6, which is currently Intel-only VST3. But if I switch back to native M1 mode (not using Rosetta), I can load Kontakt 6 into a VST rack slot, but the Kontakt plugin window never appears. Is that a bug?

Hi James,

Welcome to the forum! This has been posted about before - always worth a search. Dorico can’t run Kontakt in native mode.


All of your plugins have to speak the same “language” so if any of your vsts are not M1 native, you have to run in Rosetta to get everything to work. This is the same with many daws.

I understand that it can’t run it in native mode and that’s what I expected. What I think is a bug is that it still allows you to load it into a slot, which will confuse a lot of people who are easily confused, like me.

Ah I see. I wonder if it’s just doing that to make sure your settings are preserved?


Yes indeed, that is a bug, but we have already a fix for it. Will come out with the next update.