Intelligent bypass and track/clip effects


it seems that the intelligent bypass function does not work for track and clip effects. Is that correct?

However, it would be very important to have intelligent bypass for these effects, because when mastering a CD, each clip needs an indivual effects and for proper A/B comparison, one would need the intelligent bypass with loudness correction.

Indeed, the Smart Bypass works only for the Master Section plugins.

Then, what would be the recommended workflow when mastering a CD within an audio montage where every clip needs an individual effect chain and settings and where you need loudness corrected A/B-ing, of course?

Hm, no recommended workflow for this?

You could use a sub-montage per clip, and put the effects in the master section (one per sub-montage), and not in the clip. Not very practical, but this should work.

“Not very practical” is true. :slight_smile: So, this definitely should be improved.

Would it be technically possible to make intelligent bypass work for the complete effect chain (clip/track/master)? This would make a lot of sense.

Difficult but not impossible.

The best solution would be to make it selectable which of the three effect chains are actually bypassed. Like this, everyone would be happy and also the current behavior would still be possible.

I think, meanwhile I figured out why I really miss this feature. The reason is that I tend to perform the complete mastering process in an audio montage right from the start, using clip effects for processing the indivual tracks.

In case this would be easier to implement, it also would be an option to include a feature that automatically loads clips as sub-montages into a montage.

IHowever, this probably would imply that sub-montages have to be rendered first before the changes would be audible within the main montage. Is this correct?

That’s already implemented, it’s called ‘Superclips’.

Correct. However, it would be very handy to tell WL to create one Superclip per clip automatically when importing tracks, without the need to convert each clip manually one by one.

That way it would be a solution to a problem that lies elsewhere, and it’s not what superclips are about. You just want to bypass all effects together, so that is probably what should be implemented, if enough users find it useful.

I just noticed that I forgot to mention explicitely the fourth effect chain that also should be affected by the intelligent bypass: the montage-specific master effects,