Intelligent change between pizz and arco

When I move a passage from, say, flute 2 to piccolo, the instrument change labels are updated automatically. Dorico handles this quite intelligently, and it’s very useful when orchestrating.

I would like to request a similar approach to switching between pizz. and arco in string parts. Of course, entering an isolated pizz. or arco implicitly changes the PT for everything that follows. But when I select a range of notes/bars and assign pizz. to it, it would be nice if arco would be automatically inserted at the end of the passage, unless it happens to be in pizz. mode already, in which case the subsequent pizz. has become unnecessary and should be removed or hidden. Also the other way round: if I remove a pizz., the next arco indication is superfluous (not to say confusing) and should be removed/hidden as well.
And/or: when inserting a pizz. into a passage that’s pizz. already, hide it automatically (maybe show a signpost instead), and have an option to show it anyway, or between brackets, if you want to show a reminder after a long rest.

Similarly for con sord. and senza sord.

Additional idea: an option to display pizz. and sord. passages in a different color, a bit like the option to show notes out of range.


This could be one of the “continuation line” options, a cancel when the next passage is found. However, I don’t know how would it work if more playing techniques concurred.

Yes, in general I think it would be good if Dorico were able to automatically create restorative items, and this is something we might add in a future version.


+1 here for such improvement! :slight_smile:
Bravo for the nice request! :slight_smile:
Would be even better if there is an option in the Properties panel to Enable, or Disable this function.
Sometimes we may not need it.