Intensity Pro 29.97 frame rates not available

Nuendo 6.04
Using a Blackmagic Intensity Pro video card.
Device Setup - 29.97 frame rate output options for Blackmagic card do show up in the drop down list. All other frame rates seem to be available.
Can someone please check to see if it is available on their system. I am on Windows see specs below.

Hello johngar, unfotunately this frame rate is not available on the output list.
As wtih 1080/25p where you have to use the 1080/50i, try the 1080i 59.94.
I don’t know why all common frame rate are forgotten. On the top of line Blackmagic cards you have far more framerate options available.

Here is a picture of what available in Nuendo 6.04 with the Intensity pro.
Hope this helps,
Intensity Pro Nuendo 6 video resolutions.jpg

Bifop, thanks for the info. After testing for a few hours last night, I happened to figure out that the 59.94 frame rate, interlaced worked. I could not figure why my output was “choppy”, so that worked.
That list seems to be the same options I have.
Thanks again.
@ Steinberg: Why no 29.97 in Nuendo, I have it available in Vegas Pro as an output option. I don’t think it is a limitation of the card, rather a Nuendo preference that perhaps was overlooked?
Blackmagic website does not list Nuendo as a supported application, however Steinberg website lists Blackmagic Intesity Pro as a “tested” device.

??? There is 29.97 in Nuendo, it’s in the Blackmagic card that it’s missing.


Yes, there is no option to output 29.97 from the Devices-Device Setup-Video Player output.
Here is the list of what is available. As you can see there is no 29.97 frame rate output option.

As we are trying to tell you, that list is not generated by Nuendo or Steinberg.
That list is generated by your Blackmagic card.
There is nothing Steinberg can do about that.


ok, thanks.

isn’t NTSC 29.97?