Intensity Pro and 1080i/50 or 1080p/25

Hi, I’ve updated my nuendo to 8.0.15 and bought DNxHD option…
I’ve imported DNxHD video in 1080 25p. For playback I’m using Blackmagic Intensity Pro.
And nothing, dark screen and TV says unsupported signal… So I’ve played a bit with video output format settings and found out that:
720 25p or 720 50i works fine, but I have just central portion of picture zoomed in, same for PAL.
When I set it for 1080 30p, it works, but I get frame jumps of course…
I’ve tried also H264 with same result.
It’s quite bad for me, since I’m doing video post production in Europe…

Is it a bug? Or a feature?

I’ve forgot to mention, that in Nunedo 7.1 it works more or less flawlessly

Yep. Same problem here. A few users seem to have the same problem.
I have tested this quite a bit and I think that N8 outputs video that is incompatible with some TV sets when some full HD modes are selected.
This might be interesting for Steinberg, because they told me they are investigating this. Maybe you could contact them directly.

We have exactly the same problem! Is there any news on this issue?

Maybe I’m not good in google, but how directly? When I had any problem, I’ve always ended here… do you have any contact? If yes, PM it to me, thanks a lot…

Does anybody from Steinberg care? I would welcome, if somebody from Steinberg would pretend at least… but nothing at all…

Is this working on 8.2?


I got that on my MiniMonitor SDI as well, and it goes down that way on Premiere Pro too, not just Nuendo.
But funnily it will play back just fine by the SDI output. That goes to the narration booth in my studio, so I yanked the SDI to HDMI converter out of there and hooked up the monitor in my mix room via the SDI converter, and it worked perfectly. So it looks like something going on with the HDMI conversion in the Blackmagic card.
I did find a workaround though, and it’s strange: In the Desktop Video utility, under “Video Output” in the “SDI Output” option, select “1080p HD and 2K Are output as 1080PsF segmented video” Yes, you read right: you got to change the SDI output setting to get HDMI playback to work. At least that works here, although it does of course degrade picture quality a bit.
Told BM about it, they’re usually fairly quick with a fix, we’ll see…