Intensity pro visible in N5.01 , but not in N5.5

Hey guys,

Greetings from Suriname. I’ve been absent for a while, but I’m still around and still a Nuendo-an.
I’ve been working in N5.01 for a while and tried the update N5.5 today…ffff… the whole day before got it installed.
Ok the next headache, I can’t see my Intensity pro in N5.5.
In the N5.5 device setup I see this message: “Please update your graphics card driver or switch to a more effective graphics card”
Opening N5.01, everything works ok.
(Oh yeah audio configs are ok in N5.5, it’s only the video)
Any idea how to fix this?

Let me know, thanks

Two things: Update your graphics card driver/software to the most recent version, and make sure you have the latest version of Desktop Video installed. (If you have the latest versions already installed, simply doing a reinstall after installing Nuendo 5.5 seems to do the trick, also.) After a reboot, it should be visible in N5.5

Ok thx man.
Do I have to remove the card first or just run install?

Goodmorning guys,

Here an update;
I’m still on XP SP3.
I’ve downloaded and installed the latest NVidia driver “301.42-desktop-winxp-32bit-english-whql” for my 8500GT card.
Quicktime Pro 7.7.2
In N5.0.1 it’s working ok, but the same “update graphics card driver…” message in N5.5.3 after reboot. I thought at least the 8500GT should be seen…???

Then I’ve tried to install the newly downloaded “Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_Windows_9.5.2”, but couldn’t pass the winxp signature interface. Even with ingnore, it was still popping up, so I canceled.
In the add/remove programs and the control panel section it looked like the driver etc was installed, but when I checked in the untill now best working version here N5.0.1, only the 8500GT was there so I tried an old intensity pro driver 3.7.2 which got me the blurry video resolution problem I had 2 years ago.
Ok next I uninstalled that and installed the older intensity pro driver 3.0 which I’ve been using till thursday, before this adventurous N5.5 - N5.5.3 update and yes everything in N5.0.1 went back the way it was, but N5.5.3 still had the message: “Please update your graphics card driver or switch to a more effective graphics card” :smiling_imp:

So I have some questions:
Will I be able to have a painless transition to N5.5.3 in Win XP SP3 with all settings in place as they are N5.0.1?
Do I really have to run off to another graphics card?
Is it a possible OS problem?
Do I have to upgrade to Win7?
Ok hope some of you can help me out, so it will be less frustrating like 2 years ago.
Anyway thanks in advance

Guys…heeelloo… any other suggestions? :frowning: :cry:
Hope to hear something soon.

Sorry, missed the fact that you were still on XP. Best advice I can give is to stick with N5 while working on that OS, saving N5.5 for when you move into Win 7 64.

Well then I’ll have wait till the OS upgrade.
Anyway thanks man.