Inter-app FX mini editor missing?

Cubasis 3 on Ipad Pro 11.

I*'m probably missing something obvious but I’m trying to use IAA effects apps within Cubasis. When I select the desired app in Cubasis and press the little “e” which should open the controls for that IAA there is just a grey box with the app name which two icons (keyboard and mixer I would presume). If I press the name in that box it opens the full app and switches me from Cubasis to the full app.

The effects work fine on the track if I set them in the full version of the app and switch back to Cubasis but its quite a pain in the ass switching fully out of Cubasis to change some small thing that there should be a control panel to change. Ive seen screenshots of it working properly so I know its possible but cant for the life of me work out what I’m doing wrong.

Ive tried Tonebridge, Amplitude and Bias - all do the same thing which makes me think its a setting in Cubase Ive missed somewhere.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @Craw,

Thank you for your message.

Could it be possible that you’ve seen screenshot, which shows Audio Unit plug-ins in the Cubasis user interface?

Please note that Apple’s Audio Unit format offers much more flexibility when using 3rd party AU instruments and effects with Cubasis, compared with IAA which comes with lots of limitations (which are unrelated to Cubasis).

Alongside, the Audio Unit format can be seen more or less as Apple’s successor to Inter-App Audio, which seems to be no longer actively developed by Apple.

Please have a look at the Using AU instruments chapter of our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial, to learn more.

Important: If you stumble on plug-ins which do not support AU already, we strongly suggest to get in touch with the app vendors, to let them know about your request!

Hope that helps!