Inter app synthesizers not reloading after restart cubasis

I hate to flood this forum, but here is a big issiue.

When working with inter app audio, the synthesizers that i work with stop working after i switch to another app on the ipad. When i check my mail i have to leave cubasis, and then when i come back the synthesizers like the Arturia iMINI and the iVCS don’t respond anymore and are darkened. It does’nt matter if i have a midi keyboard connected, or when i play on the on screen keyboard. The simply do not respond anymore.

It also happenes when i switch to one of the synthesizers to modidy the parameters. When i switch back to cubase the other synths are inactive. Especcially with the iMINI.

The only trick is to load up a different project and then reload the old one and i have to do that every time after i checked my mail or a forum or watched something on youtube.

The same happens when i start cubase and it loads the project i was working on the last time. First i have to load another project and then reload the one im working on again.

At least the micrologue doesnt have this problem. Is there something in the settings or is this a flaw?

I’m working in ios 7.0 on an ipad air…

I’ve noticed that as well, inter-app instruments sometimes go ‘dark’.
It’s not so bad that we can just switch projects to get them back, but this also suggests there’s some kind of refresh going on that Steinberg could maybe easily fix.

I must also say though that I always close every apps and restart iPad before starting a session with Cubasis, by browsing the web and using other apps at the same time as Cubasis you might be seriously affecting its performance.