interacting Picture and Audio Track

I would like to use Automation track datas from point tracker ( Made by After Effect ) into a Nuendo as Automation audio track or Automation MIDI track.
The goal is to reproduce precisly a move from a picture animation into a PAN, Volume, Filter and other…
Using VR 360 picture , it could be the perfect tool to pan Objects with X/Y axis
I can export point tracker datas from After Effect: I obtain 3 columns : 1 for Picture Number, the second for the X axis Position and the third for the Y axis Position:
0 679.727 525.836
1 679.738 523.648
2 678.781 517.902
3 675.785 512.621
I think it’s easy to spot the first column to a Time Code and apply a ratio to reduce or expand values of X and Y Points.
I could imagine having 2 automation tracks , one for X axis and the second for Y axis

Do you think it can be possible to import a .csv or .xml or .xls with 3 columns : TC / X Position / Y Position ?
Thanks for all!