Interactive Phrase Synth

So guys fast forward to 2017 are there any options similar to the IPS? Could it ever make a comeback ?

The Video is so cool

Yes!!! The time has come! :sunglasses: :smiley:

Yes, yes, yes!

Every time a new version of CB comes out i request more MIDI tools and cite the IPS the gold standard for pushing the limits.

The dominance of all kinds of electronic music today make it a no brainer feature IMO. So please dust it off, make it a plug in, standalone, whatever pays the bills … I’m in!

…or you could… you know… just compose the phrases yourselves…

Obviously you must have never experienced the tripped out monochrome splendor that was the original IPS!

I haven’t…

VERY cool indeed!
Would be great to see this revived and possibly incorporated into the flex phraser in halion too.