InterApp MIDI Instruments trigger even when not selected


When I have “MIDI Input for Armed Tracks Only” in Setup, Sampletank used as an Inter App instrument still triggers when not selected.

Anyone know how to fix?

Thanks in advance.


I have the same problem.
I had thought that I could solve it by routing the input controller keyboard via midi out routing directly to different midi channels. But Cubasis doesn’t do that either.

If I don’t overlook something, a fix is urgent. As it is now, no proper interapp recording workflow seems possible.

Hi marsxmarsx,

Please file a proper bug report which lists all required steps (see here for more details:

Once equipped with the report, we’ll be able to give it a repro, to find out where the problem could be related to.
Also please let us know if you experience the issue with other instruments assigned via IAA as well (to check, if it is related to a specific app).