Interchange projects with Dorico 4 and iPad doesn´t work because of different versions


the iPad Version ist always updated, but from the moment Dorico get´s a new Version it takes some time and from then i can´t use the same projects on pc and iPad.

Is there no other way to make this possible than do update everytime to the newest version?

Kind regards


Michael, I’m confused why you say you cannot use the files in version 4. The only limiting factor would be if you used a feature on the iPad that didn’t exist in the older version. If you don’t do this, you won’t lose any data, and older versions of Dorico can open newer files; it simply strips away anything it doesn’t know what to do with (the newer features) but ultimately you can still work between versions as long as you limit yourself to the version 4 feature set. You’ll simply be given a warning that the iPad files were created in a newer version.