Interchangeable Metre

I have started work on a renaissance reconstruction that requires the use of interchangeable 3/2-6/4. I do not want ties within measures. I have set the defaults to override ties. I tried using the Interchangeable version of Create Time Signature but still end up with ties with compound divisions across the third of a 3/2. How can I override this use of ties?
compound example.png

You can input the grouping as you choose a meter [2+3+2]/8 which will result in a 7/8 time with a grouping of 2+3+2.
For compound meters you could do [3+3]/8 + [2+2]/8

Yes, I could but I don’t want to populate the score with numerous metrical indications and this doesn’t take into account different metrical implications in other voices. I’m playing around with no metre and inserting barlines.

The non-metric choice is working. Now the issue is how to insert a time signature that is merely a symbol not a functional device at the commencement of each flow…Suggestions?

You should be able to do this by copying and pasting characters from the relevant pages of the SMuFL spec. Time signatures are here, and prolation symbols are here. Make sure that you set the character style in the Shift+X text popover (the right-hand drop-down at the top of the popover) to ‘Music text’, which will automatically choose the appropriate Bravura Text font.