Interesting article

Interesting. And some controversy with the content of this forum. What do you think about this article?

I do need to clarify one point here, and that is about not taking issues related to latency seriously. Overcoming this problem is one of the topics that we have focused on the most over the past few years. Unfortunately I am unable to provide any more details today. Please wait to see what the future has in store for Cubase and Nuendo.

It’s a good article that.

The uncoloured sound discussion reminds me of that statement Hans Zimmer made that he was mocked for regarding logics colouration of mixes. Not saying he’s right or wrong but interesting that they’ve obviously been conscious of making every effort to not colour the sound in cubase.

It’s interesting - esp. the part re: most of the code being new - but it’s also a “fluff” piece…and perhaps even a little defensive in tone, which is not surprising, given the fact that it’s their ‘baby’. No mention of their QA process, which, ahem, is top of mind at the moment. Some might find the comments re: support kinda funny as well…

It is a good article, and I thought clearly demonstrated Steinberg’s attention/sensitivity to the forum’s accusations of not listening, in particular in relation to efficiency and latency.

In a similar vein, I noticed the new usb driver for MacOs says it has improved input and output efficiency - presumably reducing latency. Hope there’s a Windows driver on its way similarly.


In all honesty, I fail to see the interesting part.
Neutral questions and text book answers.

“Cubase is the best, it’s always been the best, and we’re hard at work to keep it that way” … kind of answers.
What are they going to say, that they have some serious catching up to do? Or that they don’t really care about the users? Of course not.

Meanwhile almost every DAW out there has better automation, truly innovative routing capabilities (Reaper’s routing matrix for example), more configurable mixers, working VCAs and the list goes on.

For me, this article has changed nothing in the way I see todays Cubase and Steinberg, I have lost the full respect I once had for this company awhile ago and I am phasing Cubase out.

“My car is better than the other/your car” :wink:


…and no mention of ‘we still can’t get MIDI timing right, after all these years’.

…and no mention of ‘our existing user base regularly use the forums to express concern that developing and releasing speculative new features continue to appear more important than fixing long-identified bugs’.


Thats every forum ever.