Interesting comparison of UAD VOG EQ and CB7 stock EQ

The poster must have been on his 4th cup of coffee when doing this but I think he has a point

As I’ve wrote here few times: EQ is an EQ is an EQ.

I don’t see this as concluding that all eq’s are the same as much as that the UAD VOG is just over hyped. Im not a tech wiz but its clear to me that playing with different eq’s over the years some achieve deeper cuts than others and also color the sound differently. I do think the variations are fairly slight and the stock CB eq’s do as much as more hyped products.

So true J; from an engineers POV.

But from a ‘beer drinkin’, ‘bar workin’, raunchy guitar player’s POV…

+1 on that.

Ever try and ‘tame’ the eq on your twin or marshall head
on stage on a packed friday night at the club?

Not only can eq’s be different sounding,
they can also be different sounding night to night,
moment to moment.

IMHO this same type of thing happens in the studio as well.
Only at way more subtle levels.

To my ears the strip eq’s on the old SX3 were not very nice sounding
for voxes and acoustic instruments etc
but that ‘grainyness’ sounded GREAT on raunch guitars,
dirty synths and clavs and kiks, snares and toms.

The srtip eq’s on C6—>C7 are way more
‘cleaner’/‘clearer’ and smoother sounding
than SX3 but still don’t have that ‘creamy’ sound of
higher end stuff like Massenberg/Wave etc eq’s.


The comments at the bottom of the OP youtube are suggesting the youtube presenter was showing the UA EQ in some kind of bypass mode, not full EQ mode … which of course would make his point (UA = Cubase 5) potentially a lot less valid.

Anyone know about the UA EQ to know if the commenter to that youtube is right or wrong?

I’ve noticed some EQ has a slope of 12 dB/octave, and others 24dB/octave and 48 dB/octave.

As a relative newbie, I’m wondering whether in that sense EQ’s are not all the same?

What he means is that a parametric EQ does nothing but shape slope across a freq. So any EQ that has a 12DB filter should be able to mimic any other 12db filter. There are actual differences in how various hardware EQs interact as you change the settings, but in general you should be able to arrive at the same spot. It’s just easier/faster to arrive at subjectively “pleasing” locations on some EQs than others.