Interesting cubase13 vs nuendo13 gui glitch

Rtx2070 intel i7-9750 32gb ram win11 Pro 23H2.

Cubase 13 Pro…as I posted elsewhere, my glitches are things like…hover mouse over “Audio 01” (or whatever track name), click mouse any other spot…then click the red arm button…which instantly…instead of going red, instead tries to fill the button with the words “Audio 01”…plus other various graphical gremlin events.

Doesn’t matter how I set cb13 and win with the nvidia card or internal graphics. I even uninstalled/reinstalled cb a few days ago.

I know various fixes are in the works.

Nuendo 13… I just purchased, downloaded, installed, expecting the same weird behavior as my cb13.

But…,.Nuendo 13 doesn’t glitch out! Seems to be fine so far in my limited look-around.

I load cb13…graphical glitches. Close cb13, open N13, all is fine. Close n13, open cb13…glitches.

Hope I haven’t spoken too soon :slight_smile:


Which build number Nuendo has? Is it the very same version as Cubase?

Very interesting indeed. Curious, did N13 get a new GUI?

Nuendo 13.0.10 build 123(x64) oct 10 2023.

Same as on my Cubase