Interesting cue behavior... 😉

Hey team,

any idea why the cue (I thought I had so ingeniously inserted…) is taking those poor 8th notes for a ride?
Cue lift
All I’m doing is increasing distancing of a rhythmic cue…


This kind of behavior happens with all sorts of objects sometimes. I can’t recall if there’s a single reason why it happens, but opening and closing the file always fixes it and usually keeps it at bay for awhile.

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Good to hear! I’ll go back to the studio later and check it out… Thx! :+1:


In this case, the issue is that the notes in the staff and the rhythmic cue both use up-stem voices, and Dorico is trying to prevent the beams in the active voice from colliding with the noteheads in the cue voice.

Thank you Daniel, that makes sense!
I’ll work on it tomorrow, good night!

All the best,

Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! :wink:

Nice! Which version? :wink: