Interface Cleanup

Steinberg please take some notes from other software interfaces. There is a lot that can be done to take the current interface of your products to another level.

2 products off the top of my head that have a great interface:

The brand new Ableton Live 9. It can go full screen, looks incredible and is most importantly fun and intuitive to use.

Adobe CS6. All of the applications go full screen with all the windows being able to snap in place or move freely on the screen.

Having floating windows is fine for opening vst instruments and effects but the core functions such as the transport, mixing window, vst instruments etc need to be incorporated not as floating but as built into the interface.

There is a lot of exciting possibilities and I hope to see some forward thinking interface changes in Cubase 7.

Emphatically NO!! I don’t want that at all. NO NO NO NO NO.

Highly subjective, but as a multi-monitor user, I really, really hate the Ableton interface.

Highly subjective too, but agreed. I personally love Adobe’s UI’s, especially because of there flexibility. I always find it a relieve when firing up Audition or any other CS5.5 product.
Halion 4’s interface is pretty similar and less clunky than Wavelab 7

It’s should be up to the user to dock, un-dock or group any desired panel, like Adobe’s UI’s.

Not again… User Interface topic 3548… :unamused:

UI topics are like rabbits

So apparently a lot of customers think Cubase can be even better with a UI update :wink:

Yes, but not the one suggested here :wink:

Your answer, my point :wink:

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say the Ableton UI looks incredible. Guess that’s cause I’m that much of a Steinberg junkie…

Besides, you’re in enemy territory here if you’re using Ableton and liking it. :open_mouth:

Ableton like Reaper are nice apps but still
after all this time no scoring notation.

But back to the OP’s post.
I find Cubase to have a very usable UI and workflow
but options are always nice.

IMHO It is better to:
‘have and not need than to need and not have’.


I’m not saying Steinberg should rewrite their entire interface I’m simply suggesting saying that having the feature to go full screen and also having a more efficient way of dealing with windows is something I would like to see.

And we may see just that with Windows 8’s new Metro interface
and Mac’s new ‘iOS style’ of 'full screen apps on the 'puter.

Steiny may take advantage of both.
Just hope they don’t lock us in.

What’s kool about Metro is that you can turn it off.
Not so with iOS type stuff on the Mac.


I can’t imagine that Cubase will go Metro (actually now called “Modern”) any time soon. That would sort of obliviate the mouse and all VST’s would immediately have to follow suit.

More likely they will slowly incorporate some touch friendly UI features in Classic (opposite of Modern).

We’ll see where this takes us, but it won’t be anywhere close to overnight.