Interface color presets to download?

Is there a resource for this? Im going insane trying to tweak C 10

I don’t think so. Good idea though.

Regards :sunglasses:

For track and part colors, I have been happy with DAW Labs 171 colors. $3 is great with me. Others may wish to spend lots of time making their own.

I also have a 300+ version, but personally I like the 171 best.

For interface color presets, I don’t think there is anything because C10 is new. Also, I have experienced some inconsistencies with the saving of interface color presets. Not everything always gets saved. They know about this.

What might be cool is if users posted screen shots with examples, hopefully demonstrating most every color option in the screenshot, then also a link so any users could donwload that preset?

Thanks for reply both. I bought the track colors just after updating to 10 and they were very helpful for that. Saved a lot of time. Found a post about them inte the lounge. I was just hoping someone talented had done something similar for the rest. There are certainly people around that are skilled in combining colour nuances. Combining them right is not easy. Screenshots would also be helpful as you could use a pixeltool that tells you the values of different areas and then work from that.