Interface Digital Issue ?

Here’s what’s happening…

I currently use Cubase 10 and a Steinberg MR816CSX interface. I use a Nicerizer Jr summing device while mixing. The first issue was that upon opening a project, for no apparent reason the playback had a “slap back delay” effect happening and tne whole image was shifted to ths left.

I checked my summing outputs in the device outputs menu, and they were the same as always. Just to see if it would help, I simply reloaded that output configuration preset, and then everything played back correctly.

The next issue was upon opening a different project, I suddenly had a weird digital sounding loop happening. I then reloaded that summing out preset, and again it immediately stopped the loop, and the mix then played back correctly.

So, does this sound like a digital issue with my interface? I’ve been using it for probably 12 years or so. My PC is also approximately that old, built by ADK computers.

I have recently emailed Steinberg support regarding the crashes…they recommend redoing the preferences, which helped at first, but not now. Beyond that they said I would need to uninstall and reinstall Cubase, which i haven’t done yet since I’m in the middle of an album project. So I suppose tne weird digital problem could potentially be a bad Cubase install?

I just now saw on here that there is an update available for the MR816CSX, so I’ll give that a shot later this evening.

What do you think?