interface for backup/restore of settings

With each Cubase upgrade, there are numerous users who get confused when their settings do not transfer into the new version as expected. (See these for recent examples: ; )

Even though advanced users know how to copy specific files from C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg and other locations, it definitely seems strange to have to perform these manual file operations for a modern software package that is otherwise so robust. For a less advanced user, it can be daunting, for example, to have to figure out, “OK, to backup the Plug-in Manager collection I just spent an hour organizing, I have to manually copy the PluginManager.xml out to another location. And I’ll manually copy that file back in when I need to restore the collecton.” It’s not immediately apparent which files do what, and how to properly perform the backup/restore process unless you’re comfortable with Cubase.

Intuitively, it seems like Cubase should be able to backup and restore the various settings such as custom Plug-in Manager collections, control room setups, etc. through interface elements that help the user know what to do.

I’d like to see every item that’s configurable manually via an XML file in C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg have a corresponding user interface backup/restore routine. Would make everything a lot easier and more straightforward.

Added bonus, allow backing these things up to the cloud with VST Transit. The included 750MB of storage should be plenty for these types of settings files (just maybe need to upgrade if sharing audio recordings).