Interface for live players

A great feature is a Live Interface in Halion, quick load of sounds (cache), large buttons, etc. for touch devices aka Montage and Kronos displays for setlists

Totally agree :exclamation:

In fact now that Korg have released the Korg Triton VST - the power of the “combination” sound patch is illustrated very clearly. HS3 has all the right tools, sounds, FX galore, arps, LFOs etc. but loading and quickly creating a combination is PITA :unamused:

In fact I did not realise how bad it wa till I started using the Korg M1 VST a lot more… and saw that by placing the building blocks within easy access is as important as having these features in the 1st place.

C.LYDE101 Really brief and wonderful response
thanks a lot :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: