Interface has me confused please help

I’m new to using Halion 4, and i know how to use it as a rompler loading pianos, trumpets etc. However I’m lost with all the windows as to how to access the synth engine as I seem to always end up at the mixer even if I use the select tab. I’m running it inside FL Studio. Help would be appreciated even though I know to the experienced this seems stupid. Thanks :smiley: :smiley:

Hi there, the synth parameters are found within the zones tab. You must first create a ‘synth zone’ within a program. Do do this, select an empty program and in the top right of the program tree there will be a row of small icons. One of these will be listed as new zone. Hover the mouse over the various icons till you find the one that is needed. Click this to create a zone within the program. Now, go to the ‘zones’ page/tab and up top there will be a small drop down menu asking if you want the zone to be a sample zone, or a synth zone. Select this as a synth zone and you will see the synth parameters appear within this page to adjust to your liking.

I hope this helps, I am doing it all off memory.

Good luck and have fun!

I’ve gotten to the synth zone but I’m having trouble getting sound from any of the oscillators. What should I do at this stage

This should just work actually. If you select an oscillator and raise its level, you should hear something. Did you drag the program from the program list on the bottom right over to an empty slot in the left slot rack? You have load a program into a rack slot before it will become ‘active’ to be triggered by a midi channel. After you have the program loaded into a rack slot, you can assign a midi channel that matches this newly created program and play away.

Good luck.