Interface Issues

I’ve been using Cubase 12 for a while on my laptop with no issue.
I unplugged and went away for a while, then when I came back, I plugged everything in, and now cubase doesn’t recognise my interface.
I get input and output through other mediums (Chrome, youtube etc), my interface is picking up the signals, but its not translating to Cubase.
Pressing F4, the interface is there, but its written differently to what it previoulsy was
I’ve attempted contacting Steinberg, but no response in a week.

I’ve updated all possible drivers that I can think of, the only thing left is to uninstall Cubase and reinstall. which I’d prefer not to do.

Any advice on where to try next? This is my job and its really letting me down.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Try to select none ASIO driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System, then select your ASIO driver back, please.

Oh my goodness when I went in to that section, there were 3 different drivers for the same thing. I just changed it to a different one and it was solved.

Thank you so much, I’ve been stuck on this for 2 weeks :heart::heart:

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