Interface (IXmlRepresentationController) support in Cubase and other hosts


I started implementing IXmlRepresentationController introduced in 3.5 to hopefully publish default parameter mappings for my plug-in.
I’ve tested with Cubase 9.5, and my logs shows this interface is not queried, and the relevant getXmlRepresentationStream is not called.
I’ve also tried using Steinberg’s own host checker plug-in in the SDK, same results.

So my question is, what host / version supports this and where/how is it used ?

I have the same question regarding bundle snapshots introduced in 3.6.10, as I could not find a place where those were used in Cubase.

It would be nice if there was a host support matrix in the SDK docs, so we know which features are supported by which hosts version.
And a little screen shot of the relevant DAW section would often speak more than words !


Hi Lorcan,
the IXmlRepresentationController controller is used in Cubase if you open the ‘Remote Editor’ from the plugin editor window menu. See here for the user documentation :

The new snapshot feature will be part of an upcoming Cubase version. The validator in the SDK has a command line option to print out all snapshots in your system. (Just invoke the validator without option to see a list of possible options).


Hi Arne,

thanks, I had almost forgotten about Cubase’s remote control editor.
Actually what I want to do is provide a default parameter assignment template from my plug-in to Cubase’s track quick controls,
as I think these are very useful and intuitive for the user.

I was under the impression that this could be achieved somehow with #define QUICK_CONTROL_8_CELLS “Quick Controls 8 Cells” in ivstrepresentation.h, but the interface doesn’t get called when I open the quick controls slot in Cubase.
Do you have any hints please ?


in Cubase we use it for instrument to be mapped into the quickcontrols:


thanks, that’s what the sdk host checker plug-in does too, but as I said getXmlRepresentationStream() doesn’t get called when you open the quick control panel. I thought the idea would be to pre-populate those or give a template for the 8 slots.
The docs aren’t too clear on this point, this is why I’m asking for details.


This is what I get inserting Steinberg Groove Agent SE

Pre-assigned QC
ga xml.png
Knobs and labels are populated
ga xml 2.png

like already mentioned, this is used only for instrument plugin…
please try again…as instrument

Thanks Yvan, I had figured that myself in the meantime.
But with the SDK’s own host checker plug-in inserted as a VSTi, one only gets the ‘page 1 / page 2’ displayed in the vsti panel, the knobs are grayed out and show no labels as with GA, as can be seen in the 2nd screenshot.
Nothing in the corresponding quick controls track panel either.

What is the reason for not supporting this for FX if I may ask ? It would be quite useful IMO.