Interface Layout

Just wondered what the default interface looks like on everyone else’s program. I have a very small window for the recording section and to the right is a VST plugin window that takes up 30% of the screen. Also, when I add a vst instrument on that panel, I can’t remove it. I’ve tried everything. How do I hide that window and remove instruments that I don’t want on that panel?

Icon towards top left. You can choose to hide that window. :slight_smile:

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You get rid of instruments by selecting “No Instrument” in the drop down list, then it dissappears

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Okay I figured it out. I can’t find my bar on the bottom with all the Play, Record, etc buttons on it. How do I get that back on my window? Also, is there a way to put a metronome on when I am recording something?

Dood, no offense but you need to watch some videos or read.

You are looking for the ‘Transport Panel’. F2 is the shortcut to make the window appear. Top Menu ‘Transport’ for options. There you can turn the click on or off.

Much to learn about how that works.

You may want to ask these types of questions in a forum that is more ‘beginner’ based.

I can likely help you better there.

Yeah I found it seconds after I posted, my apologies. I still can’t find the beep start. It used to come on every time I press record, now it doesn’t. I did watch some videos last night which were very helpful. Thanks.

Are you using Control Room?

The function is called metronome but if you search for beep in the manual you’ll also find it.:wink:

I still can’t find the beep start. It used to come on every time I press record

If it turns out that the beep is actually active in your Metronome settings and it still doesn’t work (particularly with recording VSTi tracks) you have bumped into an official C8 bug that is supposed to have been remedied in the upcoming C8.0.10 release.