Interface options for blind users

Hello folks,

I’m just wondering, can a blind person use Dorico?
Do you have any knowledge of how this kind of situation would work?

Thank you!

I’m just going to place this here and walk back slowly.

Dorico team, maybe you’ve seen this, maybe you havent. There is already an effort to autogenerate braille sheet music. Its called “Prima Vista”.

Hmm. That Youtube video dates from eight years ago. Prima Vista’s Twitter account ( hasn’t had a post in four years, their Facebook page ( no longer exists, and their website ( doesn’t appear to function. Doesn’t look good to me…

(not that this necessarily has anything to do with the first question)

There is a press release dated 2015 claiming Prima Vista had licencing agreements with nine major music publishers, and had just signed with OUP. The (defunct) link to their website is still on an OUP web page dated “2019”.

But none that has much to do with Dorico.

Actually Daniel already knows about this:

Sadly Lydia Machell has had to stop her work on Prima Vista, in a twist of fate because of problems with her eyesight.

Dorico cannot feasibly be used by a blind user at the moment, I’m afraid, which is something I very much want to remediate in the future. Sibelius has been making some good developments in this area recently, and so has MuseScore. There is no way to say it other than that Dorico lags a long way behind in this area at the moment.

Wow thank you so much guys. This is all really helpful information.

I do hope that Dorico gets there sometime in the future.

Primavista showed a good promise according to the press. What a sad turn of events for miss Lydia.