Interface : Please Steinberg, give light to our day!

I would love to come back to Cubase, which has fantastic elements, but if I’m two hours in front of its dark interface, I’m depressed. Please Steinberg, give light to our day! It must be possible to adopt a clear interface, and not with reversed characters (white on dark color). Please.

I feel the same. I thought the original SX1 UI was fabulous. Clean, bright, consistent.

Now it is dark, overly complicated and inconsistent… everything that SX1 was designed to replace from VST5

I want enough flexibility in the colour selector to re-create the SX look.

(Actually, I think Cubase could use borrow some UI bits from Wavelab)

I just went to see SX1, which I did not know. The interface has evolved a lot since then, but I much prefer these pale gray tones, less cavern.

I think it’s not asking too much for SB to make the colour selectors flexible enough to have it -however- one wants. There are obvious gaps (the track name at left) which could/should be made fully editable so that users can have it their way.

For whatever reason, ‘colour’ is one of the most -personal- decisions in using a program.

Again, Wavelab is much better IMO.


I really love an interface like that. It’s very clear and efficient for me.

For improved flexible color options. Meaning, like suntower said, a user should be able to adjust it to however they want.

Regards :sunglasses:

Just installed yesterday Cubase 9.5 and tried to adjust the colors for light theme. What a PITA!!!
It took me half a day to adjust the colors of the Project Background and tracks to get the hard color coded automation lines (activated and deactivated) visible.
The Colors of Media Bay are still hard coded, so each time I open it and switch back to light Arrange Window it’s like a shock for the eyes.

For Gods Sake, Steinberg give us an OPTIONAL light theme where everything works.

I personally don’t want to change color of separate elements at all.
I would rather prefere a light theme where the colors are choosen in the way that everything is visible with some minor options for color adjusting.


And while on the subject, please change the way a selected audio event turns black, making adjusting volume envelope a real pita.
I would suggest highlighting the event borders instead.


You can go to preferences/Event Display/Audio and change the color of a volume envelope from black to white with “Fade Handle Brightness” Fader.
But again - if you choose black (default setting, I think) - you don’t see the handle while the object is selected.
If you choose white, you can not see the handles when choosing maximum waveform brightness in preferences/Event Display/Audio. Because white on white …
That’s a mess


I am asking myself if the forum admins could merge this and other two threads

to give our wish for OPTIONAL lighter theme more weight.

Wow, saw this from way back in Cubase 9 and it is the same in 11. Still black on selecting and you lose fade handle if it is dark. If they would just have “no color” option on event select that would take care of it and make it easier to see.