Interface Problem, Presets not showing

  1. Create Project and Instrument Track
  2. Load a MIDI Insert that has a long list of Presets
  3. Select drop-down to open Presets
  4. Empty White Box appears
  5. Drag Mouse Pointer over empty white box and Preset list appears as you scroll down or up. (We assume all the presets are showing, but the bottom of the empty white box seems to be larger than the list of Presets).

Another post mentions a similar problem in the Logical Editor. I don’t see the problem there in my version. However, this same problem exists for the the Beat Designer, in some of the MIDI inserts and perhaps in other places in the program I have yet to observe. I’ll check Chord Track and perhaps the Metronome. It’s a program-wide problem. I already did a full Preferences reset and that did not correct this.

This makes mapping drums in beat designer nearly impossible, among other things. :cry:



This issue has been reported many times here on the forum already.