Interface problem

Hello all!
I have a computer with a Windows 10 Pro system, worth Cubase 9.5 Pro. Everything works fine, but recently there was a problem with the interface (see photo). Sometimes the problem goes away after the DAW restarts.
Can someone say what the problem may be?


I’m afraid only Trash Cubase Preferences (Cubase Safe Start Mode) can solve this issue properly.


What is Trash Cubase Preferences (Cubase Safe Start Mode)?

Before you trash the prefs, try changing the colours back through

Preferences > UserInterface > MixConsoleRackColours

Looking at the above, you should notice that there’s apparently no colours set, with just alpha checker marks in the boxes.

Now set custom colours for inserts, sends etc to you liking. Doing it yourself, you’ll probably like it better anyway.

Thank you all for the answers. But nothing opens when I press Ctrl + Shift + Alt… for start Safe STart Mode

I did it right, but the problem did not go away …


Are you sure you were in the Safe Start Mode? Did you see the “Already Registered” message?


Yes of course!

HI Men [and Martin please take note],
Myself and a few others have brought up the problem [as shown in screenshot 1] in other posts. This has been with us since 9.5.30. I thought SB might have tried to fix this since last May but no luck in this maintenance update. IT IS NOT a preferences problem - It is a graphics problem. Some say it is related to Intel hd3000 running on Windows 10. I am no programmer so I do not know the details but it does seem peculiar to me that I have so many different programs from different vendors on my computer but it is only Steinberg’s Cubase that has this graphics glitch. I can make it go away by replacing the graphics2d.dll file in the program folder with an earlier version but this comes with another glitch in editing audio. Please, please fix.


Could you try to experiment with a graphic card drivers, please? Newer, older…?

I have version 9,5,41. and the same problem.
And how to experiment with graphics?