interface volume

getting so much sound coming back through the interface not through cubase ie the signal seems to be mixed between the signal coming back from cubase and the raw signal being sent from the interface.

any suggestions

Rohan74 ask yourself: How can anyone give a useful answer on for example a question about your interface, if they don´t even know what interface you are using…? If you don´t want to post that everytime, put it in your signature. Not posting is not a good idea at all (at least not, if you want someone to help you). Other than that it is most likely as you say: The signal seems to be mixed in your interface then, since no one knows which one that is, no one will probably be able to tell you, even if they might know what the actual problem is. So you´ll have to look it up in your interface´s manual by yourself.

tad terse, but ok point.

Yamaha audiogram 3. Cubase AI5

Strangely, the audiogram 3 doesn’t have the ability to alter the mix between the computer return and the inputs like the Audiogram 6 does… and lots of other interfaces.

If you need more computer sound coming throuth the interface you could try opening the mixer in Cubase (F3) and bump up the master fader a bit.

thanks celtsound.