Interfacing N3 with Yamaha Motif ES7

Hey people,

Can anyone tell me how to get Nuendo setup so that I can select sounds from the midi track.
Has someone made a device panel for the motif ?
I tried to make sense of the “studio connections” software that I got from a Yamaha rep, but this seemed to give access to the samples of a sound.

I need to know if I will be connecting via midi or usb.
If there is a device panel that I can install in Nuendo or what else?
Right now we write the name of the Motif sound in the file name in case we have to come back and change the part.
I would rather change sounds in nuendo, or linked software so the sound and settings of the motif can be recalled from Nuendo.


Not sure if these are of any help, but here’s what I’ve found: