Hi I’m hoping someone has come across this weird issue and have some ideas to help.

When recording the mic sounds great, except that in the recording the software cutting out part or all of the first silable that I sing.

For example: I sing the word “just” but part of the juh sound is missing. In other occassionas the entire silable will be missing on the track. You would hear only “ust.”

I have my guitar plugged into the other input and it doesn’t seem to loose any notes. I tried a different mic and same issue.

For further information:
I am booting up Cubase and going straight into the preset guitar and vocals.

I am using a fast track pro as my interface.

Has anyone ever came across this?

Look to see if there is a compressor or EQ (or some other VST like a de-esser) that is inserted on the track you are recording to or on the main stereo output channel. These VSTs could be pre-saved in the template you are using. Once found, you can adjust or delete them as necessary.

Regards :sunglasses:

Disable or adjust the gate section in the VST Dynamics plugin on the vocals channel.

Thanks. It was the vst preset that gave me the issues!