Intermittent audio on MacBook Pro

I’m having serious audio problems with N5 on my laptop, using internal audio. Even on simple sessions, audio will frequently not output on initial play command. Sometimes I need to try three or four times to get audio, sometimes audio will suddenly appear after a short period of time. When there’s no audio, and I stop playback, I sometimes get a brief burst of sound. This happens almost regardless of of sample rate/bit depth and it’s rather annoying.

I don’t have this problem on any other audio program on the laptop, nor do I have it using N5 on the MacPro in the studio.

Anyone else seeing this? Any suggestions as to a cure?

MacOS10.6.6, 2.8Gig Core 2 Duo, 4 Gig RAM and 500 Mb HD.

Starting seeing this in N5, persists in N5.1.1



Have you tried disabling Network facilities, especially wireless network?


No difference, I’m afraid. Thanks for the suggestion, though.



I have experienced this on a similar laptop with N5 and internal audio. Check AudioMIDI Setup and make sure the sample rates/bit depths for the builtin outputs match what’s selected in N5. I’ve seen them not match, and I have read that CoreAudio will try to do on-the-fly sample rate conversion from apps to its hardware outputs. Worth checking.


That seems to have done the trick, thanks. I also used Cocktail to clear all caches, repair permissions, etc. Odd that there should be that lack of communication between N5 and the OS.

I’ll keep an eye on things to see if happens again at some point.

Thanks again for the suggestion.



PS - I didn’t use rock to clear all caches, etc. I used a program with a name that contains what might just be considered to be a naughty work. Maybe if I’d written RoosterTail or Fancy Mixed Alcoholic Drink, I’d have escaped the on-line censor?

I guess the online censor is just as stupid as the human sort…