Intermittent delayed Midi note(s) when playing chords quickly (Nektar P6 or Yamaha KX61 + Cubase Pro 9.5)


Overall very happy with my Nektar P6 and the Cubase integration but I notice “glitches” (delayed) notes when playing chords quickly (1/8’s or 1/16’s). The notes of the chord do not all play at the same time, sometimes one or two of the notes in the chord play several hundred milliseconds (very audible) after the other(s).
I have done the following things to narrow down the issue: Play directly into one of my SW synth apps (No Cubase running): Then the delays do NOT happen. Play chords from a Cubase Midi track to the SW synth VST: Then the delays are NOT occurring.

So it seems the issue is introduced somewhere between the Nektar P6 sending the midi notes and Cubase sending them on to the SW synth VST plugin. Is this a known issue with a resolution? The P6 midi setup in Cubase is exactly as Nektar instructions require. These delayed midi note(s) also occur when using a Yamaha midi controller instead of the P6. Any ideas? Issue seem to be with Cubase.

Hakon Strande